Shahab Sagheb is an interactive media designer working at the intersection of engineering, design and the arts. In his practice he attempts merging different disciplines to devise a new medium capable of conveying various messages. His main research interest in designing interactive systems is to devise innovative and intuitive interface and interaction using custom hardware and software. The main focus of his artworks is to investigate the limits and characteristics of control.
Over the years he’s been involved with many engineering, design and art practices, his portfolio consists of interactive installations using various techniques, interactive sculpture, projection mapping, product design, interior design, 3D illustration, animation and video.
Shahab holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, MA in Industrial Design, and MFA in Digital Technology. Currently he is the Digital Design and Fabrication Coordinator at Arizona State University; School of Arts, Media and Engineering.
Email "shahab at sagheb dot net" for general questions and comments.
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