I am an interactive media artist interested in the role of hybrid digital-physical systems in creating evocative experiences. My work shifts between fine arts and engineering, allowing them to blend together and inform each other. The conceptual framework of my artworks expresses the themes of anonymity, agency, complex systems, playfulness and curiosity. Using custom software, digital fabrication tools and processes, recorded and real-time video I aim to bridge the ever-increasing gap between the intangible digital and tactile physical objects.
My research of the past year has been focused on bringing physical sensations toVirtual/Augmented reality applications (haptics). Using real-time fluid simulation coupled with the actuation of the center-of-gravity of a mechanical system,I devised an interface capable of providing physical sensations of handling a liquid in a virtual reality scenario. SWISH (Shifting Weight-based Interfaces for Simulated Hydrodynamics inMixed-Reality Fluid Vessels) is a patent pending on-going project that continues to open up new possibilities to explore novel expressive ways of approaching and leveraging the potential of virtual reality. The results of this research theme will be published in the proceeding of the TEI 2019 (ThirteenthInternational Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interactions).
I hold a BS in Mechanical Engineering from ShirazUniversity, a MA in Industrial Design from University of Art, Tehran, and a MFA in Digital Technology from ArizonaState University. This diverse educational background has enabled me to collaborate with practitioners from various disciplines to create works that exist within, and outside the realm of fine arts.
Email "shahab at sagheb dot net" for general questions and comments.
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