Geppeteau: Enabling haptic perceptions of virtual fluids in various vessel profiles using a string-driven haptic interface
Mixed-Reality Haptic Interface

Shahabedin Sagheb, Frank Wencheng Liu, Alex Vuong, Shiling Dai,Ryan Wirjadi, Yueming Bao, and Robert Likamwa.
Geppetteau: Enabling haptic perceptions ofvirtual fluids in various vessel profiles using a string-driven hapticinterface
In Proceedings of TEI' 23 (Accepted).

Liquids sloshing around in vessels produce unique unmistakable tactile sensations of handling fluids in daily life, laboratory environments, and industrial contexts. Providing nuanced congruent tactile sensations would enrich interactions of handling fluids in virtual reality (VR). To this end, we introduce Geppetteau, a novel string-driven weight-shifting mechanism capable of providing a continuous spectrum of perceivable tactile sensations of handling virtual liquids in VR vessels. Geppetteau’s weight-shifting actuation system can be housed in 3D-printable shells, adapting to varying vessel shapes and sizes. A variety of diferent fluid behaviors can be felt using our haptic interface. In this work, Geppetteau assumes the shape of conical, spherical, cylindrical, and cuboid flasks, widening the range of augmentable shapes beyond the state-of-the-art of existing mechanical systems.
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